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Re: ISO chemical materials manufacturer

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magnesium chloride

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sell offer of zinc chloride


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Saturday, June 25, 2011

HADID - mania

HADID - mania

It's the first century BC - a Roman architect Vitruvius writes a treatise on architecture in which he states that architecture should exhibit three basic qualities: firmitatis, utlitatis, venustatis - solidness, usefulness and beauty.

Today, over two thousand years after Vitruvius, Zaha Hadid writes her treatise. This popular Iraqi rejects the Vitruvian trio and introduces a new doctrine that can be summarized in one word: celebriting.

I've talked to many young people aspiring to become architects, and noticed their level of knowledge on architecture is simply appalling. The only name that comes to their mind when they hear the word architecture is Hadid. Thousands of years of architecture are every now and then crushed by Ms Hadid's new projects. I simply cannot imagine the faces of all these people who having started their dream studies, will be stigmatized by their professors' heresies about there being other architects before Zaha Hadid. We are currently witnessing the process of creating Hadidmania.

Hadid, called the empress of architecture has won several prestigious awards. These include the architectural Nobel - The Pritzker Prize. The prize is worth mentioning not only because of its symbolic value, but also because of the aspects of giving it to Hadid. First of all, she's the first woman to have received the prize in the thirty-two year-old history of the award. Pritzker is not an award for individual projects, but for the whole architect's activity. One has to present a big and impressive port folio to the jury. In Hidad's case it was different. She couldn't demonstrate any big projects, in fact she had only done one significant design in her career then, but she still received the prize. It might seem strange that Peter Zumthor - who has worked in the field much longer than Zaha, and at the time when she received the award had far more significant projects in his portfolio - received the prize only five years later. For Hadid the Pritzker has worked as an Oscar in a way. Once a film is nominated for the Academy Awards, its worth, also in the media, goes up, and even more so when it actually wins the prize. This is what happened in Zaha Hadid's case, she did her most import_____ant projects only after receiving the prize.

The MAXXI museum of contemporary art in Rome is considered by critics the gem of her portfolio. It's worth to mention that the design was first presented in 1998 and actually realized only after eleven years. Shortly after opening the building to the public, it was proclaimed the building of the year 2009. I'm scared to think what might have happened if it had been built earlier. The building resembles Hidad herself. It is gaudy and flashy just like the ring and Prada bag the artist wore to the opening. In the midst of narrow streets and little houses a colossus has erected, designed by this extravagant Briton. The artist's intention was to create an impression that the building is floating. And indeed, it is floating - in no direction at all. Yet, thanks to the accomplishments and the famous name of its creator, it will certainly not end up the way Titanic did.

The interior itself is actually quite interesting if we forget the function it was supposed to fulfill. Inside, MAXXI is truly impressive and this is the biggest problem. After all, it's a museum. The exhibits should be most import_____ant, not the building, which might be lavish and draw attention on the outside, like the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, but the interior should not be a distraction from the exhibits. Frank Ghery, who designed the aforementioned museum and the Walt Disney concert hall, once said that when he worked on the concert hall design the most import_____ant thing for him was to remember that architecture was a secondary thing there, the music was most import_____ant and everything else had to be subordinate to it. In her Roman design Hadid forgot about this rule.Her museum is one big labyrinth with no particular direction. Visitors who come to the museum are forced to focus more on the route than on the works of art. The only chance they will remember anything from their tour is that right behind that sculpture you have to turn right and perhaps you will find an exit.

Don't Get me wrong, it's not that I don't like Ms Hadid's work. Quite the opposite, I think she has created a few very good designs. The mountain railway in Innsbruck with each station designed to adapt the specific site conditions, is simply phenomenal. Thanks to the material used, the stations seem to be sculpted in ice. Generally, I am under the impression that she can only create small-scale architecture. She's also good with interiors and furniture. I'm afraid to write all this, I know the feminists will answer right away and write me off as Aaron Betsky's fan. In his book Building Sex: Men, Women, Architecture and the construction of sexuality he uses biological comparisons and advances some rather biased thesis. In his opinion, architecture is a sign of men's domination over women. Men erect huge buildings to show their greatness. Betsky sees them as phallic symbols. A woman's domain is the interior. That's why men build and women decorate. Betsky was severely criticised, as according to many architecture critics his thesis have nothing to do with the reality. I agree his thesis is wrong. But I also think that Hadid may be an exception that proves the rule.

MAXXI is not her only failure. Take Dorobanti Tower in Bucharest for example. On the whole it's pretty and elegant. The problem is, however, that it simply looks like a giant cigarette lighter. And this is a good example proving that Hadid should only do small-scale projects, and stay away from the big ones as any self-respecting conceptual artist, because there's nothing that would make you look more like an idiot. Hadid's flagship failure is a dwelling house in Spittelau located, and that's a good one, right above a flyover, which means that trains pass your house every single day. Additionally, there's a highway right nearby. The design itself is pretty and probably anyone would love to live there until they actually do.

Hadid's design look as if the artist had decided what to build in a certain place without even visiting the site. Most of her designs are detached from the surroundings. Peter Zumthor visits the place he is supposed to work in several Times before actually deciding if he wants to realize a project there. So does the famous architects duo Herzog and de Meuron. When they were offered to design the stadium in Beijing, they said they would not propose anything until they went to China. They don't want to decide what to do if they don't feel the atmosphere of a place. This is what Hidad forgets about. Unlike other fields of art, architecture is not mobile. It makes sense only if it comes to exist in a certain space. It doesn't have to fit the surroundings, it may be a contrast to it. This way or another, it should provoke some form of a dialogue with space, and not just scream.

Hadid is the biggest celebrity among architects. She is a bit like Lady Gaga. Each next work of hers is to be a hit. Today MAXXI is triumphing, tomorrow it will be something else. The problem is however that Lady Gaga can be turned off, Hadid can't.




Best regards!

The Krasnals



Monday, April 4, 2011

General Metal Finishing

Dear Sir or Madam,  

I can provide assistance on plating processes and materials including formula. These resources were developed thru extensive R&D, offered by some retired process engineers. Implementing these suggestions could save you significant time and money.
Let me know your interest in the following products and processes. I will be glad to provide introductory information and free example for you. Look forward to working together with you soon.


1) Dry acid salt for pickling and activating metals

2) Dry acid salt for color metals

3) Dry acid salt for aluminum wheel

4) Des-mutting Aluminum

5) Mild acidic etch for plating on Aluminum

6) Activating salt containing fluoride for copper, zinc die casts

7) Soak and ultrasonic cleaner for colored metals and Al alloys

8) Alkaline degreasing bath for steel and colored metals

9) Non-Si soak cleaner for Al alloys

10) Non-Si soak cleaner for plating EN on AL

11) Alkaline soak cleaner for common metals

12) Non scaling alkaline etch cleaner for AL

13) Dilute zincate for plating EN on AL

14) Zincate solution for AL

15) NON-P ALKALINE CLEANER for plating zinc, steel, brass, copper

16) Non-P, electrolytic degreasing for steel.


18) Low foam wetting agent for CR plating

19) Bright chromium plating

20) Hard chromium plating

21) Electrolytic Activator for Bright Ni

22) Trivalent chromium process

23) BRIGHT NICKEL for racking for rack plating of steel, brass, and copper plated components

24) Noble metal initiator prior to electroless nickel plating on copper

25) CLASSIC BRIGHT NICKEL for rack plating of steel, brass, and copper plated components.


27) Satin NICKEL

28) Air agitated nickel sulfate electroplating processes

29) A dispersant  for bright nickel processes to correct persistent fine speckling or pitting problems.


31) High phosphorus, electroless nickel

32) High speed, stable, bright electroless nickel process

33) Semi-bright electroless nickel for high-corrosion resistance applications

34) Electro-less nickel/barrier coating for aluminum

35) Neutral pure palladium process

36 ) Yellow Bronze process ?CU-SN-Zn

37) White Bronze process  (CU-SN)

38) SN-CO process, Black

39) SN-NI process, gray

40) PALLAD-NICKEL process

41) PALLAD-COLBAT process

42) Alkaline, non-cyanide zinc plating process for rack and barrel

43) Liquid green chromate conversion coating for zinc

44) Black conversion coating for zinc

45) Black, trivalent conversion coating for alkaline zinc-iron and zinc-cobalt alloys

46) Transparent, Iridescent Blue trivalent conversion coating



49) Cobalt hardened gold process



52) Neutral Gold


54) Neutral immersion gold process for copper and copper alloys



57) Neutral immersion gold process for copper and copper alloys

58) Accelerator for Plating on plastics

59) Activator for plating on plastics

60) Wetter Use in mixed chromic acid-sulfuric acid etching solutions

61) Acid copper strike for plating on plastics

62) Chromic acid free etching of polymers for electroless plating


64) Bonding promoter for the production of multi-layers (Horizontal)

65) Electroless copper plating solution for PWB

66) Neutralizer/glass etch for multilayer etch back / de-smear process


68) Palladium catalystic process

69) HASL flux

70 )Flux Remover

71) No-Sludge Solder Stripper

72) De-foamer

73) Micro-Etch


75) Solvent-free, anti-tarnish treatment for silver and silver electroplate

76) Solvent type, anti-tarnish treatment for silver and silver electroplate



79) Cyanide immersion stripper for removal of Au from Steel, nickel and Cu

80) Electroless Nickel stripper

81) NICKEL STRIPPER for steel and iron


83) Stripper for rack

Best Regards
Chris Nonwen

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Golden harvest" Jan Tomasz Gross

The Krasnals. Big Dwarf "Golden harvest... It's horrible! ". 2011. Oil on canvas. 50 x 73 cm


The new book of J.T. Gross about Holocaust is the kind of new challenge for us - Poles - to have the courage to face the shame of our history. We wish our ancestors were brave and innocent, but they were also cruel or even bestial. We would like to snatch a few pages from the history but it's impossible. We must read it and show this book to all the world...


best regards,

The Krasnals